NVC Summer camp 2020

The dates for the 2020 NVC summer camp are now confirmed! The camp will happen on

July 16th to 19th 2020.

You can already add it to your calendar!

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Thanks to all participants and leader for an amazing 2019 edition of the NVC family Summer Camp!

Our 2019 Summer Camp is now over, here are some pictures of this wonderful event.

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Join us for the NVC family summer camp on July 25 – 28, 2019

Gabriola Island, BC

Come and experience a community life where everybody’s needs matter. 

For three days, dive into a wonderful camping experience at Descanso Bay on Gabriola Island. This summer camp is a place to explore as a community what it means to prioritize authenticity, connection and compassion in our lives. It is a place where you can learn with your family, spouse, friends or other wonderful people how to reach across differences, how to grow out of conflict and generate meaningful connections with each other.

Build something meaningful and fun into your summer, in companionship with people who share the desire to live a conscious life and the dream to build a more compassionate world.

At our NVC summer camp, humans of all ages are welcomed and celebrated. You can come exactly as you are with your past or present challenges, and find support to listen to your needs and to the needs of the ones you care for.

What is NVC?

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is a way of looking at the world through compassionate eyes. It’s also a guide to creating ever-expanding circles of caring and respect in our families, workplaces, and communities, where everyone’s needs matter.
NVC was created by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, it evolved from his quest to find a way of rapidly disseminating much needed peacemaking skills.

What is the magic recipe for this camp?

Skilled facilitators ready to share their passion and wisdom about Nonviolent Communication
A variety of workshops covering all kinds of relationship dynamics: for families, couples, parents and grandparents, work relationships, community life.
Meaningful conversations about what matters most in our lives: the quality of our relationships with the ones we care about
Time for yourself with people available for one-on-one exploration or support
A community of inspiring leaders and change makers who want to make a difference by transforming relationships in their organizations and their communities.
A wonderful set up next to the sea where you can swim everyday, enjoy a sunset around a guitar, go for a walk.

Who is it for? 

Campers with or without NVC experience can participate in 1/2 day workshop sessions, led by experienced facilitators. There will be a 1/2 day introduction workshops for people new to NVC.
Are others in your family not really interested in NVC? No problem! In past years, we had many family members come and just enjoy the setting, the gatherings, and the overall vibe, without attending the sessions. There’s no obligation for them to join any of the learning sessions, and they can still very much be a part of the experience. Yoga will be offered every morning, and there are trails and beaches to explore.

Children’s program 

This camp is intergenerational. We want to embrace the diversity of ages and origins and be attentive to everybody’s needs. In order to allow children and adults to play learn in their own way, we will be providing a kids program during the day and supported freedom for teenagers. There will be opportunities throughout the day to play and share together with all ages.

Where is Gabriola Island? 

We’re a 25-minute ferry ride from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island, BC, which is 2 hours drive from Victoria, or a 2-hour ferry ride from Vancouver.
Gabriola Island is known as the Isle of the Arts and is bursting at the seams with musicians, artists and theatre! It is Gabriola Island’s beaches, forests, trails and friendly community that draws these creative people here. The Descanso Bay Campground is close to the village, yet has the beauty, beaches and trails right there.

Who’s coordinating?

Hi! I’m Myriam Verzat and I am passionate about Nonviolent Communication, creativity and nature connection. This camp is simply gathering my three passions! I am really excited about contributing to make this event a place where everyone can feel at home. I will put my creativity and my love for compassion through theatre, dance and music in service of this beautiful gathering. To know more about me, visit www.myriamverzat.com.
Angela Walkley and Mitch Miyagawa are at my side as I support them to focus on the content and their work bringing more NVC practitioners and certified trainers into the world.

What are the costs?

Camp fees

These amounts cover the costs of pulling this amazing group of people and activities together:

* Individual adult: $350

* Individual toddlers, children and teens: $150

* Family rate (family of 3 or 4): $750

Those costs do not cover accommodation and food costs.

Register now!

Accommodation costs

Campsites are $20/night, so a total of $60 for three nights: https://www.descansobaypark.com/

Please call 250 247 8255 and ask to book a site for the NVC camp. The campsite director will invite you go online and select one of the campsite we have reserved for you. Please book early because the camping is filling up quickly at this time of year.

If you don’t want to camp, you are welcome to find another type of accommodation that might suit you better through Airbnb or: https://www.gabriolaisland.org/visitors/visiting/accommodations/

You are responsible for your own food. There will be two evening potlucks during the camp to share meals all together. You are welcome to collaborate to cook with other campers at any time.

Creative contributions

Please get in touch if the cost is a barrier to you attending. We want to allow everyone to come and can discuss creative ways to have you participate!

To register now click here:


I had an amazing time at the NVC camp. There’s something magical about being in community where being who you are and attending to your own needs is expected. There was a great variety of workshops from beginner to advanced levels of Nonviolent Communication. The combination of the workshops, inclusive community and self-directed downtime made for a great opportunity for personal growth without pressure to go too deep, with plenty of time and space and support for relaxed integration. I look forward to returning and expanding my personal circle of NVC-practicing friends.”

Erin O’Brien, Gabriola, participant in 2018

If you need more information, please write to us here or at